Dental assistant question..?

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Question by Just me: Dental assistant question..?
I am just finishing my certification to become a dental assistant, what is the difference between a CDA and a RDA? Also, I know you have to have a license to be able to take X-rays, how would I go about doing this and how long does it usually take?

Thanks so much.

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hello, i just finished about 12 weeks ago as well.
in most practices you will need an x-ray license to work.
if your class didnt offer it you will need to go through a radiation safety and x-ray program.
just look up the city and state colleges near where you live and they usually offer them.
also check out the comda website the offered places are there.

a CDA is a certified dental assistant and an RDA is a registered dental assistant.
CDAs are limited in the duties they can perform and RDAs hardly have a limit and get payed more.

but again, all of your queestions are more can be answered on the comda site.

i hope i helped :]

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  • spongebobrogers says:

    Certified dental assistants are licensed by taking a written test from the dental association or a class and written test and have passed and received a certification to do certain things such as take x-rays, polish teeth, give fluoride treatments, etc. Registered dental assistants have taken the state board and gone to dental assisting school. You do not have to go to school to be a dental assistant. You can just get certified in the areas needed from certification classes/tests, but schooling and passing the board usually gets you higher pay as an assistant. CDA can also refer to someone who has been through dental assisting school but not passed the state board exam yet.

  • CDA~NY says:

    If your state requires you be licensed to take xrays, your CDA should cover it, so now you just need to apply for the license through your state education department since you’ve already taken the CDA exam.

    Not all states require certification/licensure to take xrays, in fact each state has their own scope of practice for dental assistants. If you go to, you’ll be able to see what requirements are mandatory for your state.

    Hope this helped.