Dental assisting or hygienest??

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Question by Andrea B: Dental assisting or hygienest??
I have decided to go to school to become a dental hygienest. I have no experience in this field. I was wondering if I should become an assistant first or just go straight for hygiene. I am very smart and a quick learner. Do you think its possible or will I be completely lost??

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Answer by spongebobrogers
You can do dental hygiene school with no assisting experience, but it is much easier after you have worked as an assistant and learned the dental terms, procedures, etc. If you have some time try and get an assisting job or even just see if someone will let you observe assistants/hygienists for the summer. I worked 2 years part time before going to dental hygiene school. I knew a lot more than those who had no experience. My dental hygiene school also gave more points if you had worked as an assistant toward you total application points. Better chance of being accepted.
PS you won’t be lost you will just have a little more to learn

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  • Lindsay says:

    ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! once you start to go to school you’ll find out what you like better.. i suggest doing whichever makes you more comfortable and happy and also whichever makes more money :)

  • KLN says:

    I agree with you regarding the working to get a background in dental thing. It seemed logical to me. I have been trying to do that myself, figuring that it would give me a heads up on my Dental Hygienists training. It hasn’t worked out that way.

    But most dentists do not want to train an assistant only to have them leave for hygienists school. They all recommend getting the hygienists certificate and then coming back to see them. Even seen posts on here saying the same thing. They do not want to waste time training someone only to have to train someone else later.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck.

  • Loverr! says:

    I was in a similar situation although I made my decision and I am going to do assisting first and then become a hygienist. I thought about it and I would rather not be stressed and studying for 2 years straight. I am now taking a 1 year assisting program and then later I am going to go ahead and go towards hygienist classes and programs. But that is just what worked best for me. Good luck!