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I finally decided I’m interested in a dental career . I will be receiving my GED soon .
Dental Assistant Salary is $ 25k – $ 40k
Dental Hygienist Salary is $ 48k – $ 78k
Dentist Salary is $ 108k – $ 178k

I want to be a Dentist and I’m thinking of starting from bottom on up and I’m content with that . I’m 20 soon , me and my mother have conflicts every now and then , and I need to support myself literally being that I’m only a Target Employee in San Diego . I already feel like I’m far behind in life and I just want to better myself completely . I have no kids so I’m wondering if I work as a Dental Assistant would that be an ok salary for a person my age who believes in living practical ? I might still live my mom until I’m a dental hygienist it should take me until I’m 23-24ish but is that salary ok for my age ?

Also once I’m a dental Hygienist , what will be needed to become a dentist ?

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Answer by S J S
It’s possible… but it’s just not very practical.
To become a dental assistant you need a few classes of prerequisite work. So that already puts you at one semester of prerequisites and four of actual program semesters. Then, for dental hygiene you need two years of prerequisites. Then, after you get accepted into the program it’s two additional years. You’re looking at over six years right there. You would already be 3/4 on your way to becoming a dentist if you started out initially to become a dentist.

Unfortunately, the classes you take for dental assistant and dental hygienist will not be necessary for dentistry. The only classes that will be the same is maybe a composition class, but the sciences are totally different. You would need to go BACK to school for four additional years plus four more for dentistry school. That’s a grand total of 14+ years! Not to mention you will have debt from your dental assistant and hygiene courses, which aren’t cheap, added on to your $ 200,000 debt from dentistry school.

I would highly recommend you go directly into dentistry. Plus, ignoring the fact that it would take over 14 years and cost so much money, it’s somewhat impractical. Dental hygiene school is tough, and dental school is ten times worse. Good luck if you think you will be able to hold even a part time job during dental hygiene and dental school!

Save time, money, and effort by going directly into dentistry. It will pay off!

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  • I love proper grammar says:

    Dentists RARELY become hygienists first. You are wasting your time if you go to DA then DH when you want to be a dentist.
    Start by getting a 4 year degree in a science field like Biology then apply to a dental college to be a dentist. When dentists are in their 3rd year of college they can take the test to work as a hygienist to help them pay bills while still in college WITHOUT getting a degree in dental hygiene.
    Also there are very few jobs in the USA for hygienists right now so that is another reason it would be a waste of time for you.
    Look up dental colleges in your state or on
    Then call to speak to an adviser there about how to become a dentist.

  • JT says:

    I personally would go straight to dental school, for the unlimited potential; but the other people are right. You need to finish your pre-reqs first, and now a days its harder to get in. Most schools prefer you have a degree in biology or some science. You need a great GPA, with a great DAT (admission test) score. Its not as easy as it was 10 years ago. A lot of people realize dentistry has a lot of money in it, so more qualified people who would have done medical school, are now going into dentistry for the lifestyle it offers.

    You have to be realistic to yourself as well. Do you think you can take upper level courses, gut it though and get A’s and B’s? Do you think you can score high on your DATs? Thats the only way you have a chance of getting in. If you are black or hispanic you have a better chance, but not as much as before. Having a side job makes it all the harder.

    If you are serious, quit your job SOON and enroll into college full time. Take a loan out if you have to. But you’ll have to tackle this seriously.

    Dental hygiene is not what it once was. A lot of the dentists now a days are doing their hygiene themselves. Its hard to find something good initially. You’ll have to find something good in the burbs or a rich area in the city. Forget working in a medicaid area because the dentist would be better off doing his own cleanings. Dental assisting is good, but you’ll never make the big bucks like being a dentist. Put your mind to it and make the most logical decision. Good luck.