dental hygiene program?

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Question by maya: dental hygiene program?
how hard is it to get into a dental hygiene program? I have a 2.4 gpa, will it be hard to get in, if let’s say i’ll do well on the pre admission exam?

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Answer by perioligament
It is harder and harder to get into the dental hygiene program. As the demand increases so does the pre-req’s to get in. You should have at least a 3.0 or higher to even be considered. Hygiene school is very hard and you have to have a strong science and anatomy background. Many of the classes that you will need even before you get in are biochemistry, anatomy one and two, microbiology, english one and two and history, and medical terminology. You will have to have some form of public speaking and several humanities. You need to get all of this out of the way to make it into hygiene school. Hygiene is just not about cleaning people’s teeth, you have to know the whole disease process and how it affects the whole body. You will have intensive clinical classes as well as oral pathology, periodontics, which in itself is a hard class. Try remembering the twenty letter names of certain bacteria, like bacteroids forsythus, prevetella intermedia…………the oral pathology alone is a killer. If you are serious about hygiene school then go for it, but don’t think for a moment that it is easy, it is not. It is very stressful and comprehensive. Good luck.

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  • Lillian S. Phx Arizona says:

    it wont be easy, where did you want to attend? any school may let you in on a probationaty level, you will have to raise your GPA before they will let you into the actuall “RDA” school but at least you can work on pre recs and maybe some general studies? good luck … is anything last but not least persue dental assisting, hell if they’ll let me do it anyone can ? LOL

  • tryingtobesane04 says:

    the program im trying to get into requires you to have a 3.8 or higher and really you need a 4.0 because they only accept 12 girls out of about 150 that apply each need to have chemistry,biology,freshman composition,sociology,physcology,nutrition,a general math course,anatomy and pysiology 1 and 2,and some other before your accepted and you need atleast a c in each.

  • answer man says:


  • Berry says:

    As a registered dental hygienist I can tell you that the program is rigorous. It can be difficult to get into a program, so it would be best to have excellent grades if you are in high school or some of your prerequisites taken already with excellent grades prior to applying for the program. The school I graduate from has 22 openings and typically about 200 applicants. Many of the students work or have families or significant others and still do it, but it is certainly easier if you aren’t trying to work alot at the same time. My program was 5 days a week and this is pretty typical. In the US south there are programs that you don’t need formal training which is called preceptorship and involves on the job training. Honestly, all of the Dr’s I have worked with have been far too busy to have trained me, so I don’t know if I would recommend that route.