Dental hygienist or pharmacist?

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Question by I have the most amazing… :D : Dental hygienist or pharmacist?
Hi, I will be starting college in fall 2013 & I need help figuring out what career will be right for me so that I can take classes to prepare me.
I’ve always wanted to become a dental hygienist because I like the environment, working with people, and just teeth in general, lol. However, I’m having second thoughts because I heard it’s a very competitive field :( (I live in WA state) I also job-shadowed my dentist & dental hygienist a few months ago and I found it really interesting!
My parents want me to consider being a pharmacist, and although I do like the idea of working in the medical field, I feel like I will be bored with the job earlier.

So is it worth it being a dental hygienist where I could possibly have to wait to be accepted or just go with pharmacy school? :\

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  • Almost Marathe says:

    Hi ~~

    Go for dental hygiene. It’s only 2 years in a community college – WAY less schooling than, and tuition than for 4 years getting a Bachelor’s, and 4 more years in Pharmacy school.

    Plus, you already know you like the work – having shadowed in a dental office, and being interested in the career, counts for a lot. You will spending your days doing what YOU want to do. If you feel that being a pharmacist is boring, you will burn out very quickly. And the DH money is very good, as well.

    If you have to possibly wait to be accepted into a dental hygiene program, take all your pre-reqs first – A&P w/lab, chem w/lab, micro w/lab, psych, sociology, statistics, public speaking/speech, English. This way, once you get into the program, you can concentrate pretty much on your DH classes, and a lot “extra” school work will be off your shoulders. It can make a difference.

    Plus, being tri-lingual, you will be in great demand – you’ll be able to find a job anywhere. Fluency in Spanish & Vietnamese are great assets to be able to put on your resume. (And a bit of Korean won’t hurt, either).

    I’m giving you a link below to the accredited DH programs in WA – start checking them out.

    Last, & most important bit of advice – follow your heart!

  • theGM says:

    There are also dental schools where it only takes weeks to complete the program and is a good way for you to check out the profession.

    Here is an example program outline