Dental Hygienist school–already in a 4 year university?

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dental hygienist
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Question by jiygfk: Dental Hygienist school–already in a 4 year university?
Hi everybody. I’ve been very conflicted about my major for the past 2 years (I just finished my 2nd year at a 4 year university). I’ve recently been thinking about becoming a dental hygienist, but my university doesnt offer a program. That means I would have to leave my 4 year university to go to a community college with a dental hygiene program (this to me kind of seems like going backwards). Ideally I would like to have a bachelors degree instead of an associates degree, but I think being a dental hygienist might fit my personality. I am very detail oriented and hardworking and I love the idea of helping people. I’m a little nervous about the healthcare field in general because science has never been my favorite subject, but I really like the idea of helping people and I have always gotten A’s and B’s in my science classes. Basically I’m really torn. I dont know if it is wise to leave my 4 year university. Any thoughts on all this?

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Answer by razzle
Well there are some 4 year universities that have majors for dental students. Look into the medical type programs for the 4 year universities where you are living. I am at Texas Woman’s University and they have a program for dental students, so I am sure other 4 year universities do too.

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  • rosnjust says:

    i think you should do what makes you happy. I was at a 4 year and now at a 2 year. You can take the classes from the 4 yr and transfer them to the new school. You will probably finish up your dental fast. You can always go back and finish up your BA after the dental. Good luck! I think Dental H. is a good field.

  • Banbalan B says:

    Dental hygenist make decent money and I believe there are many openings.

    Research apparently is showing that there are too many persons going to college. Consecuently, their salaries are dropping. The same is NOT true for many technical fields. There is actually demand for these popsitions and little people studying these carrers.

    By the way, the real risk in the health industry is getting contaminated. I was a dental assitant for the Army, we had to be a little careful with all those needles. And, we were inmunized for many more things than the regular recruit.

  • blazindaddyj says:

    I hope you know just going to a 4 year university will not make you a better person or have a better income either regardless what degree you have. Is there a shortage in dental hygiene? Yeah but there are some states who don’t and there are still dentists out there who are greedy. They are not willing to pay you the right amount or give you the full package of benefits so they can buy themselves a mansion. Am I tell you to go to a community college and apply for the DH program? No but you should talk to a RDH about it and see if you really like it and get the real perspective from one. Are you going backwards if you do go to a community college? The answer is no.

  • sunflower16 says:

    Be thankful that you’ve realized what you want to do after 2 years instead of 4. No way should you consider this “going backwards”! Don’t underestimate the difficulty of a program/career just because it requires an associate’s degree instead of a bachelor’s. My best friend is in DH school right now and it is INTENSE & very competitive. You have to be serious about it and very disciplined to stick with it. She is in school about 40 hrs/wk not including mandatory weekend classes/speakers/etc. Basically, this is not a degree that will be handed to you – you will have to work for it. Don’t think it’s anything “less” than what you were working towards at your university.

    I did the same thing you did – started out at a university, did 2 years and then realized I wanted to become a sonographer (doing ultrasounds). I left my university, enrolled in a technical college, and have been able to apply to my program after only 2 quarters of finishing up core classes that are required for my program. That’s b/c most of my classes from the univ. transferred over to the tech school. So your time isn’t wasted. Just start getting headed in the right direction now and don’t put it off. Research what steps you need to take to get into the DH field and then do it. You will be do happy with your decision and will not have any regrets. GOOD LUCK!

    Check here for accredited schools in your state: