Dental Student meets the Hygiene Student

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Dental Student meets the Hygiene Student.

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  • elisebean1 says:

    Not to mention every dentist I’ve ever met is a cheap son of a bitch. Let’s
    make a video about that, you tight fisted fuckers. ?

  • laurenefromtennessee says:

    “Give me your Gracey 13/14 so I can stab myself”… hilarious! But let’s be
    honest, when dentists first start out, it takes them 4 hours to do a simple
    prep, so they can’t really say much. No one should take offense – taking a
    million hours (and multiple appointments) to do a simple procedure happens
    in both dental AND hygiene school! This is just funny!?

  • nayray511 says:

    I love love love this video!!!! An accurate portrayal of a day in the life
    of a dental hygiene student , lmao!

  • TechPimp says:

    Please make a video Of the Transformer Prime VS iPad 3gen thanks

  • Karisma7788 says:

    lol that sucks! I feel for the hygienists, I’ve seen their faculty treat
    them like crap. LOl “I want to commit suicide already”

  • RDHJenn1004 says:

    This is so true of hygiene school! I’ve been graduated for five years now
    and still have nightmares! Haha! And it is so true that dentists don’t do a
    great job on scaling!

  • MsTopKats says:

    This was funny up until 1:30. I didn’t become a hygienist because I wanted
    to marry a dentist. I found that quite offensive. And before you go a
    bad-mouth my profession, make sure yours is perfected. Dentists seem to
    think way too much of themselves now days. Learn to care about your
    patients first and foremost, and now your wallets!

  • pnmdsz6 says:

    I remember when I was in school and thinking how nervous I was about having
    to complete an adult cleaning in 40 minutes! lol, so glad that chapter of
    life has ended!…I realize now though that half the reason it took so long
    to finish a cleaning is because most of our time was spent sitting around
    and waiting.

  • ovsanna odabashian says:

    I bet the one making this video is a dentist….not funny! :(

  • firefail1 . says:

    HAHAHAHA i love these videos

  • vision1707 says:

    @MsLeahpet LOl! you are absolutely correct about dentist leaving tartar
    everywhere. i know this because i’ve seen it with my own eyes.

  • MsTopKats says:

    @vision1707 Dentists shouldn’t touch hygiene instruments. Only leaves more
    work for me – to rescale everything, plus resharpen.

  • Shoinie says:


  • Valerie Hoffman says:

    This is ridiculous and ingorant.

  • xXjaquelinexXx says:

    Dental Hygiene version of South Park hehe

  • DentalImplantsAZ says:

    Its soooooooooooooooo quite !!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the explanation to marry a
    dentist is truely funny.Ha…Ha…..

  • Solarcoreg says:

    *laughing* :)

  • pachel111 says:

    I came here ’cause my friend married a dentist. And I want to marry one
    too. hahaha

  • DeceiptfulDomino says:

    I love these animations lol Ssssooo accurate lol

  • Vincent Valentine says:

    Gracies are teeth cleaning tools

  • Sam Carrell says:

    @MsTopKats Though I know some do, no dentist I have ever worked for does
    any of their own scaling or polishing; their hygienists do that. And while
    I’m sure some dentists who perform their own prophys don’t do a great job
    of it, most should as they are indeed taught how to scale/polish in dental
    school, though obviously without the same emphasis hygiene students get.

  • Rose1087 says:

    I’m actually a pharmacist, so none of this is personal to me, but wow…
    this is actually very offensive to dental hygienists.

  • MsTopKats says:

    @SCMA I’ve never disagreed that DDS’s are not trained in dental hygiene.
    However, your previous post was contradicting itself. I simply wanted to
    point it out. But the remaining fact is, and I say this with deep regret,
    that dentists simply do a poor job doing dental hygiene. Even with their
    training. I’m sure dental schools didn’t teach to do scaling/polishing in
    20 minutes. There is no excuse for supervised neglect.

  • TheBurntMango says:

    Silly dental student! Everyone knows an H6/7 is best for stabbing oneself!

  • ammurria says:

    I love it… Dental Hygiene is life!! LOL