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Dentist Direct has been formed to offer dentists a route toward running their own business, opening practices throughout the UK in prime arterial road locations with high visibility signage and car parking. The company, spearheaded by award-winning dentist Doctor Ken Harris, provides practitioners with the support of commercial professionals to look after all non-clinical back office functions. While the dentists are afforded the time they need to look after patients, Dentist Direct will manage the administrative forms, HR, finance, compliance, property and selling commitments wanted to operate a flourishing practice. Dentist Direct Dentist Direct have secured a major funding line from Natwest Bank to support the opening of one hundred practices in the next 5 years. Meanwhile, the company itself will create seventy new roles at its HQ in Houghton-le-Spring, County Durham. CEO Paul Moore said : “We were provoked to set up Dentist Direct to provide notable service and worth to the public making use of the most recent dental strategies and technologies, we aim to make Dentist Direct the type of choice for all patients.” . “Doctor Ken Harris’ professionalism and prize-winning dentistry and the way that he cares about changing the lives of his patients galvanized the team to give the public an increased level of dentistry at a price they can afford.” . Doctor Harris added : “We understand that business wants can create stress and take dentists away from their personal responsibilities.

We want to support them with our unique opportunity for them to become their own boss while maintaining a healthy work life balance. “Inside 3 months, together supported by Dentist Direct, practitioners could own a new practice fitted with high quality hardware, with the liberty to utilise their time how they would like to, it's a no brainer!” . As well as the support of highly specialized gurus, each clinic opened under the Dentist Direct banner will have accessibility to revolutionary dental technology known as Waterlase.

. The hard tissue laser technology permits dentists to perform many standard dental procedures with less anaesthesia, while reducing patient tension, reducing discomfort and stress and creating a rather more comfy experience for patients. It happens to be one of the most original and underutilised pieces of technology in Britain dental market and, according to Dentist Direct, will help to cross the gap between dentistry in the UK and in America, where Waterlase has swept the country. Dentist Direct’s practices are run as a JV partnership, with individual practitioners making a small capital outlay in return for their own totally fitted out facility, access to continuing coaching and development and all the back office support they want on a daily basis. . Every one of the partners will also have accessibility to a leading-edge dental academy, which is going up by Doctor Harris – winner of a magnificent six awards at the 2011 Smile Awards including Best Conservative Ceramic Grin and Generosity of a Grin. For detailed information come visit : dentist-direct new press release
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Check out How To Get A Job In Health Care : Secrets for Success and 5 Easy Tips to Get an Online College Degree From Any Online College right now !

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