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Essa foi uma homenagem que fizemos ao nosso amigão Elton representando toda uma nação que odeia o vasco e que foi totalmente a favor do seu rebaixamento… f…
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The Pre-Health Science program at George Brown College in Toronto prepares students academically for future study in many Health Sciences programs through se…
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  • Rhona G says:

    Thanks for sharing. Right now I am a psw who wants to get into the reg
    nursing program. I noticed at George brown there is a psw to rpn semester
    which I am interested in. I have already applied. Can I bypass the rpn
    route to bachelor of science nursing instead? ?

  • keishaoleary says:

    I have applied and been accepted to the pre-health program at George Brown.
    I am wanting to attend Humber for Paramedic afterwards, would this program
    give me the qualifications to bridge into that program??

  • Elisha fox says:

    For people wishing to go the BSCN route, you can still complete the PSW
    program at George brown instead of the pre health. Since the PSW program is
    easy you can take pre req necessary (through ILC) to make you eligible for
    the BSCN Program. Once you get accepted to the BSCN program you can work as
    a PSW and gain nursing experience. This will look amazing on your resume!!
    I know a few people that did it this way and its a lot easier because that
    way you actually get clinical experience and a job

  • George Brown College says:

    The Pre-Health Science Program does prepare students for any of the Dental
    programs. Once you finishes Pre-Health, then you have the needed courses to
    apply for Health Science programs.

  • Brian Hui says:

    after finishing the pre-health science program, how do u switch to
    practical nursing ?

  • ShawnyP23 says:

    you should allow students to have exemptions from the English course if
    they request it and have over a 70 in grade 12 English or score well on
    their placement testing.

  • Wolfpack KUBA says:

    does the list include Dental Hygiene?

  • Osman Mammadli says:

    After finishing the Pre-Health Science Program, is it possible to go on to
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing in collaboration with Ryerson?

  • George Brown College says:

    Hi Osman, Pre-Health Science gives you the necessary prerequisites to apply
    to Practical Nursing (S121). For the BScN (S118) program with Ryerson,
    applicants must have the actual high school prerequisites, or equivalent
    credits from a University. College courses, such as those in the Pre-Health
    Science (A102) program, would not meet the requirements.

  • Elisha fox says:

    I think it makes more sense to do the PSW program and then go into RPN.
    They have a 1 semester bridge PSW to RPN program that you can do after you
    finish the PSW program. You will still have the opportunity to apply to the
    RPN in January intake, so basically you’re not really behind. This way you
    can work IN the nursing field while going to school and also get clinical
    experience so you know what to expect in the RPN program.