how to become a dental assistant?

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Question by Anonymous: how to become a dental assistant?
i know nothing about college, colleges or anything like that… i’m still in highschool and i’m really interested in becoming a dental assistant (then eventually hygienist or dentist)… so what is every step to take in order to become a dental assistant? if there are any dental assistants answering this, how did you get to where you are now? please tell me exactly… and i would also like to know of all the dental schools/programs that are in the charlotte, nc area… and in virginia too… thanks so much!

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Answer by Rawr it’s me.
You pretty much have to go to college for that.You know,you can go to college WHILE in high school.Ask your teacher or one of them,they will say you can.
1.Go to college for dental assistant.
2.Apply for a job at the dentist or orthodontist you want.
3.That’s all..

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  • H says:

    I know nothing about your area but I imagine you should have several schools near by. Do a search for dental assisting programs in your area. Some schools may require you to have a high school diploma. That doesn’t mean that you can’t apply before you graduate, you just might not be able to start until after graduation. Once you find some schools, contact them and will give you all the information you need in regards to getting started and the requirements needed. You may not need to go to school for dental assisting, some will train you on the job. These employers are very few, so you should go to college to increase your chances of finding a job. Usually the dental assisting colleges are community colleges or technical/vocational colleges. In most schools a dental assisting degree takes just one year.
    The college I attended had career search assistance so it took me only one month to find a job after graduation. I took the dental assistant certification exam which is optional in NE (not sure about NC or VA) but certainly looks good on a resume and may help you get higher pay. Good luck!