Massage Therapist vs. Dental Hygienist?

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Question by Jlove24: Massage Therapist vs. Dental Hygienist?
I love the idea of being a massage therapist because of the relaxing environment and personal relationships with the clients. I am also interested in Dental hygienist because of the high pay, high demand, small amount of training and respect. can someone please compare and contrast the careers for me?

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Answer by justwondering
More work available to the hygienist. You could always do massage on the side but I think you would have a more steady income in the dental field and you can work anywhere you might move. There always seems to be a demand and the clientele is waiting for you – you won’t have to find your own customers – rent your own space or pay insurance!

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  • justcurious says:

    I just had my 6 month teeth cleaning this morning, and I, can’t figure out why anyone would want to be a dental hygenist. I couldn’t imagine having to work in someones mouth that doesn’t take care of their teeth. Gross.
    Go for the massage therapist!


    Dental is the way to go. Lots more of future opps….

  • Rachiebaby says:

    Right now I am in school for becoming a Massage therapist. I love it so far. And there is a high demand for us to. If people were to get a massage just every once in a while then they wouldn’t so many health problems. And that would cut down on prescriptions that have all these side effects. I am only 18 and I already have 2 bulging disks and those disks that are bulging are also degenerative. I have always wanted to be a massage therapist since I was 15 so…. and I have now decided that I am going to do pregnancy massage. I just cant wait to graduate and start helping people. Though you do get better pay with the Dental Hygienist but if you think about it you have a lot more flexible time with massage therapy. But whatever you choose good luck!!!