Mercy Ships Recognizes NU Nursing Students For Countrywide Nurses Week

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Without a certified staff of nurses from all over the world, Mercy Ships would struggle to fulfill its mission of serving the forgotten poor. During National Nurses Week distribution press release, observed by the American Nurses Organisation (ANA) May 6-May twelve, 2011, Mercy Ships would like to focus on a grouping of nursing scholars who played a leading role in getting ready for the 2011 Mercy Ships Field Service in Sierra Leone – one of the world's poorest countries. In a one-off chance, four nursing scholars from Northwest College in Seattle, Washington, traveled half-way across the world to help get ready for the arrival of the Africa Mercy, Mercy Ships hospital ship. Accompanied by a professor, they took part in a proactive medical experience that was dramatically different from textbooks or lectures. “In Sierra Leone we got such a change in perspective,” asserts NU nursing student Paul Moughamian.

“We were exposed to so many topical issues that do not make it into the classroom.” . The nursing scholars helped Mercy Ships gather medical histories and provide tuberculosis testing for 150 day-workers. Day-workers are local men and women who aid in numerous capacities, including as translators, onboard the Mercy Ships hospice ship, the Africa Mercy. As the day for the ship’s arrival in Sierra Leone was quickly approaching, Mercy Ships staff spent time with government officials to ensure that all final preparations were in order. . Preparing the day-workers was quite an undertaking, so having the NU students aid with the task was a huge help. And those in West Africa.

So many folk had no access to hospitals. It was tricky to see.” . The time expended in a developing country with Mercy Ships showed the scholars another way to utilise their new degree. Most nursing jobs are in a huge surgery setting in urbanized areas. But this floating, state of the art hospice gives a dramatically different setting.

It is staffed with volunteer nurses who provide basic medicare to people who've nearly no available medical therapy. Approximately 350 nurses from all over the world serve with Mercy Ships every year. From operating room nurses to ward nurses to pediatric nurses – pretty much every discipline can be exploited onboard the ship.

Two years of pro experience as a registered nurse after licensure are required before nurses can apply to volunteer with Mercy Ships. The period of volunteer service starts at 2 weeks for surgical nurses and 8 weeks or longer for patient care nurses. Moughamian and his classmates soaked in a huge amount of information during their trip to West Africa. Most critically, they learned that those among us in the U.S. Should not take our medicare facilities lightly.

The majority of these students entered the sphere of nursing because they'd like to help folk. During this time with Mercy Ships, their eyes were opened to a recently discovered way of helping people in need – by making the sacrifice to volunteer their time and abilities. Now, back in the lecture room in Seattle, Paul Moughamian reflects on his time expended in Sierra Leone. Working with Mercy Ships in West Africa was a fantastic journey. Nightingale is thought of as the creator of modern nursing.

Regularly described as a skill and a science, nursing is a line of work that welcomes dedicated people with varied interests, strengths and passions thanks to the many opportunities the profession offers. Founded in 1978 by Don and Deyon Stephens, Mercy Ships has worked in more than 70 countries providing services valued at more than $834 million, impacting more than 2.9 million direct beneficiaries. Annually Mercy Ships has more than 1,200 volunteers from over forty countries. Professionals including surgeons, dentists, nurses, health care trainers, teachers, cooks, seamen, engineers, and agriculturalists give their time and talents to the effort. Mercy Ships tries to become the face of love in action, bringing hope and healing to the poor.

For more information click on mercyships . If you've an interest in volunteering with Mercy Ships, please e-mail us at hiring (at) mercyships (dot) org. Contact Info . Pictures taken by Tom Bradley and Joan Kotze. Hi-res photos and general Mercy Ships video footage are available upon request.
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