Phoenix-Lazerus, Incorporated. Introduces The World's First “Complete First Aid Kit” That Contains A Save-A-Tooth(TM) System

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Phoenix-Lazerus, Incorporated. Has introduced “The Entire First aid Kit” (the internet site) which complies with The Mayonnaise Clinic advice for each well-stocked emergency kit. This is the sole medical kit that will help folk reply effectively to all common injuries and emergencies. With the availability of The Entire First Aid kit, folks can now inexpensively be protected against the unnecessary loss of knocked out teeth by keeping one first-aid kit at home and one in their automobile.

Among plenty of other items in the kit, the Mayonnaise Clinic advocates including a Save-A-Tooth(R) emergency tooth preserving system (saveatooth) – the only first aid gizmo that can store and preserve knocked out teeth for twenty-four hours, long enough so that the teeth can be reimplanted by a dentist. (*To see a complete listing of what the Mayonnaise Hospital endorses, go to mayoclinic release press release ). The seriousness of having a Save-A-Tooth(R) in every emergency kit is that once a tooth is knocked out, there is a very small window of time, fifteen minutes to 1 hour, in which it can be saved. “The cells on the roots of a knocked out tooth are extraordinarily delicate,” asserts Doctor. Henry Rankow, diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics. “They have got to be protected environment within an hour of the accident and then nourished during the next twenty four hours while they are out of their socket.

Only special devices like the Save-A-Tooth(R) can do that and they have to be available immediately. That is the reason why they are so required for inclusion in every first aid kit”. Over 5,000,000 teeth are knocked out annually in the United States during sports, automobile accidents, and in the home. With the utilisation of the Save-A-Tooth(R), the sole American Dental Association accepted, FDA-approved storage gizmo over 90 percent, or 4.5 million, of these teeth may be able to be successfully reimplanted.

Without this system, only 10 percent of knocked out teeth can be successfully reimplanted since they begin to die inside 15 minutes. A knocked out tooth that can not be successfully reimplanted interprets into a standard expense of $3,000 in treatment and up to $30,000 over a whole life. Once knocked out teeth are placed into a Save-A-Tooth(R), however, they are safe and protected from harm during transport to the emergency room or dentist’s office. A parent or ambulance driver can attend to a suffering accident victim without needing to worry about reimplanting the knocked out tooth at that time. Actually once placed in a Save-A-Tooth(R), knocked out teeth are safe for 24 hours and can then be reimplanted.

“Being informed and prepared for a tooth being knocked out can mean an honest-to-goodness difference between huge bills leading to a life of dental issues and a relatively straightforward re-implantation by a dentist or oral surgeon,” announces Dr . Paul Krasner, clinical professor of endodontics at Church School of Dentistry. “Millions of teeth are knocked out every year that could be saved if the right equipment were available when an accident occurs,” he adds. Placing a Save-A-Tooth(R) in each medical kit is a requirement instead of a luxury. Since knocked out teeth start to die after 15 minutes, there is no time to save the tooth unless you've got a kit sitting on the shelf.

The defined purpose of emergency first aid kits is to ‘preserve life, forestall further harm, and promote recovery.’ All the contents of a complete first aid kit, including Save-A-Tooth(R), satisfy this mission. Some dentists recommend that milk should be utilized as a storage medium because Save-A-Tooth(R) isn't available at the scene of an accident. Doctor Henry Rankow professor of endodontics at Temple University comments on this advice. “Not having a Save-A-Tooth(R) beforehand is like not having an EpiPen when you know your child has harsh allergies,” he says. “Since losing a front permanent tooth is a lifetime dental catastrophe, if folks do not have a Save-A-Tooth(R) ahead of time, their children might be at pointless risk.” . The Entire First Aid Kit is a thorough kit containing everything that you need to keep your office or home prepared for an emergency.

The Kit contains 180 quality pieces made in the U. S. in an FDA authorised facility. The Complete Emergency First Aid Kit is the sole kit in the world containing Save-A-Tooth(R) which is a commended item for medical kits by The MAYO Hospital and accepted by the American Dental Organisation. This Kit has been made to surpass ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards to meet the impending 2012 regulations, so you will be prepared for the subsequent set of standards beforehand.

In addition to the accolades above, the revised kit has a plastic case that is 2 times as thick and has a water-resistant seal in the event of flooding or heavy humidity. It's also wall mountable and contents are individually boxed to cut down on mess after use.
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