Q&A: Business degree or dental hygiene?

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Question by Mimizmom: Business degree or dental hygiene?
Should I finish my business degree for 2 more years or pursue dental hygiene which would be 2 years science classes and then 2 years of a dental hygiene program once i’ve been accepted to one? I just need to know if it is worth the wait to get into hygiene school because hundreds of people apply every year and only about 20 are accepted per year and there are not alot of schools that offer hygiene. Any suggestions can help

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Answer by L M
Business school would definitely give you more options in the long run. You should get a bachelors in business or an mba. With a degree in business you could always change careers. A dental hygiene program would limit you to one career for the rest of your life. Plus, you would probably waste alot of time waiting to get into dental hygiene school.

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  • eternal student says:

    You should pursue your own interests and not be afraid of failures. If becoming a dental hygienist is my career goal, I would enroll in science classes now and focus on my studies. In addition, I might do some research on what it takes to enter a dental hygiene program and talk with people in that field to learn more about it.

    If you approach them for some time to ask about their careers, most people are helpful. Also try to schedule an appointment to talk with counselors in the program. In other words, all my focus and attention will be only on getting into the program. I will not be thinking about failure.

    So, my advice is to pursue your own goals and give yourself to it fully. Don’t think about failure. You always have the option of changing careers down the road to something else within health care or something else provided you are willing to go back to school and get the required training. Many people do that.

  • ChipinCA says:

    You might have more options with the business degree, but you might also have to start ‘at the bottom’ and in the economy now not many people are hiring. Health care can’t be “outsourced” – Dental Hygiene is a lucrative career, depending where you live, and there are always shortages it seems. Plus you have a relatively flexible schedule and work alongside professionals who have a common goal. The nice thing about hygiene is that you don’t really have to deal with ‘sick” people, if they are that sick they usually don’t come in. Most people, though they may not “like” the dentist, usually have a more positive outlook on the hygienist. Plus you are providing a preventive service and education. You can sleep well at night knowing you have done the right thing for people.
    Dental Hygiene has been very good to me. It wasn’t an easy road to get here, but well worth it. I can go anywhere and find a job and I have had time for my daughter, and enough money to support us (single mom for many years) I work in a great office, great dentist, staff and patients.
    good luck

  • dentalchick2016 says:

    if it helps, I am looking into getting a degree in business and pursuing dental school. I’m a freshman in college right now, but i’m planning way ahead so i can get things out the in the open to think about. I used to want to be a dental hygienist too, but decided to go the extra lengths to be my own boss and get paid more, that is if i get accepted into dental school. My point is that, I have a fear of tests. I have to take the DAT and Lord knows that’s not going to be easy, but I know that if I keep being optimistic that it will pay off in the end. Keeping my patience and optimistic outlook on life will do me good I think. If I were you, I’d apply for dental hygiene school while finishing your business degree. That way you can choose what you want to do. Get your sciences done for hygiene and then apply. It’ll be only a few months or so to find out if you got accepted and if not, then at least you will have the business degree to rely on in the end. Don’t quit either of them. Keep with it and don’t get discouraged about possible failure!