Q&A: College (Dental Assistant) in California for Foreign Students?

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Question by XDDD: College (Dental Assistant) in California for Foreign Students?
I’m an italian student an I want to come to the US to study to become a Dental Assistant.
I’m trying to understand what do I have to do to be accepted to a College to study there.
I know I must have a High School DIploma which allows access to an university in my country, but I don’t know what else do I have to do (like tests) and which are the best Colleges in California to study in.
Soo I kinda need some advices/help.
I apologise for my english, I must improve it, I’m working on it. :)

Thank you to everybody!! Hope someone can help me!
@**Simpy Me** I tried but it’s hard for me to understand. I need like a list of things I have to do like
1) have an High School diploma
2) etc. etc.

Best answer:

Answer by **Simply me**
the best thing to do is go throught the college webpages and find the addmission reguirements pae it helps alot

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  • Gregg DesElms says:

    I’m sorry if this will offend US dental assistants…

    …but things like “dental assitant,” or “veterinary assistant,” or “medical biller,” or “medical assitant,” or “medical coder,” etc., are all areas of study which tend to be easily available from the kinds of trade-school type “colleges” which advertise on TV during the business day because they know that their ads are most likely to be viewed at that time of day by people who are unemployed and feeling desperate.

    I’m not saying that any of those professions are in any way sub-standard or anything like that. Onthe contrary, these professions are important, the the people in them are needed and appreciated and must be well educated for them…

    …but the truth is that many of those kinds of professions — most, in fact — don’t even require a two-year associates degree, much less a four-year bachelors degree.

    Oh, don’t get me wrong: I’d prefer that ALL of them get a four-year, regionally-accredited bachelors degree. I think that EVERYONE, these days, should have such a degree, no matter WHAT they end-up doing in life.

    But I’m just saying that these kinds of professions can be (and often are) trained for in little trade-school type colleges located in retail strip malls (not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, mind you). Some dental assistant programs are even online.

    However, all that said — and this is important — precisely what is required of a dental assitant will vary from US state to US state…

    …and that’s the part of all this which I’ll bet you, as a citizen of Italy, may not understand. The US is a single country, like Italy, but it is made-up of 50 separate states, each of which retains, as a matter of law, the right to regulate its trades and professions in almost any reasonable way that it wishes. Therefore, whatever it takes become a dental assistant in ONE state may be very, very different from what it takes in another.

    In some US states, a person can become a dental assistant by taking a one-year (or less) online or in-a-strip-mall course, and that’s pretty much it. In other states, the dental assitant must have a minimum of a regionally-accredited associates degree, plus an internship, then the passing of a state exam, background check, malpractice insurance, and finally obtaining an actual state license. I haven’t checked, but I’ll bet that somewhere out there there may even be a US state which requires even more… a bachelors degree, plus all the other stuff I just mentioned.

    And so, you see, it’s difficult to answer your question because it just depends on the US state in which you intend to practice as a dental assistant. If you choose a state whose laws treat dental assistants little different from any OTHER kind of medical or veterinary assistants, then the education you’ll need could be as little as an apprenticeship in a dental office, or maybe that plus some kind of less-than-a-year trade school certificate or diploma. In yet other states, you might have to get a two- or four-year degree, do an internship, take an exam… etc. It all just depends.

    In the US, all regulated professions have a government agency or “certification board” which is part of the state government. All you have to do is Google the dental board of the state in which you intend to practice as a dental assistant and read-up on what said state will require of you. It’ll all be there, right on the state’s dental board web site. You just have to bother to hunt it down and read about it.

    Whatever you do, do NOT enroll in any dental assistant training or school in any US state until you have looked-up the state’s requirements and assured yourself that whatever training you’re about to take will satisfy state laws.

    Most state regulatory board web sites also contain a list of approved schools, so you can get your school recommendations there.

    Yes, you will need to begin with a high school diploma which is acceptable in the US. Beyond that, though, it will just depend on the US state in which you intend to practice; and you can find out what are the state’s requirements by beginning on the state’s dental board or licensing agency’s web site.

    Here’s a link which might be useful: http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos163.htm

    Here’s another: http://jada.ada.org/cgi/content/full/135/4/531

    Hope that helps!