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Question by iwantitall420: dental assistant salaries….?
I’m currently a dental assistant in a booming NJ area. I know salaries vary by state, but i would like to know what the maximum for a registered dental assistant in NJ is. I’ve been assisting for 6 years and have recently become registered with the state. I’m my bosses right hand and I KNOW that he will not find someone who works with him so well that easily if i were to leave. The most i’ve seen offered to RDA’s is $ 25 an hour, which i still dont think is enough if you’re such an important asset to a dental practice. Any insight from doctors or other dental assistants out there? I’m competent in all of my expanded duties and highly trained in CEREC technology. I’m almost designing my own restorations. I think 25 an hour is BS. what do you think?

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Answer by sahm2boys
Sheez you’re lucky you’re getting that. My sister is a dental assistant and she makes half of what you are!

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  • sunflare63 says:

    You are very lucky, cause around these other towns, dental assistance dont hardly make 8 dollars an hour.
    Count yourself lucky for what u are getting and dont complain.

  • tomh311 says:

    it’s funny how every dental assistant thinks that the practice would close without her. $ 25 an hour is way overpaid for someone with no college and zero investment in the business. dental assisting is a job that literally anyone can do. basically a suction monkey for a half hour and a janitor for the other half hour. the more people that can do it, the lower the salary. i mean, it was #8 yesterday in job searches on yahoo yesterday. really, get over yourself, you’re nothing special, cerec or not.

  • Sara says:

    are you here to show off how much you get paid as an overpriced dental assistant?

    Maybe tomorrow, the dentist will realize that he has spend way too much money on you and let you go..

    unless the dentist and you have something else going on..???

  • Dr. Sam says:

    Go to monster.com and see what they say. For $ 25 an hour, you absolutely must be contributing to the productivity of the practice. If your boss can leave you to create a CEREC crown once or twice a day, maybe you can justify that salary. If you can turn out a temporary bridge in half an hour or less, maybe…

    If you think $ 25 and hour is BS, you must be living in Princeton or Bernardsville or Englewood Cliffs…

    Then again, if you want it all, consider going to hygiene school. If you think $ 25 an hour is BS, even though some are paying it, those same practices are probably paying well over $ 50 an hour for hygienists. You’d earn your tuition back and make up for lost dental assistant’s wages in less than a year.

  • data w says:

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