Q&A: IS anyone here a DENTAL ASSISTANT?

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Question by lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala: IS anyone here a DENTAL ASSISTANT?
im in grade 10
my teavhers say i should noe wat i want to be
i have a an appoitment with the guidance couclellor
buh tell me evrything u need to noe about being a dental assistant
how long does it take AFTER high school to be a dental assistant
wat courses shouild u take
oh and does MATH matter

Best answer:

Answer by Ace
You can’t be a dental assistant cause they are required to know how to spell.

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  • C. W says:

    You can work for a dentist without being a certified dental assistant. Most dentists will train you and after 2 years of employment you can take the exam to become certified. I have been a dental assistant for 7 years and became certified that way. If you take the course that is offered to become certified it takes 10 months to complete.

    *to the idiot who answered first: was that comment really appropriate? Maybe she was typing fast and had errors, or doesn’t know how to use spell check…regardless, she asked a QUESTION about dental assisting, not about how to spell.*

  • dr2112 says:

    Well spelling is important so you must be able to communicate effectively and record accurate information.
    Depending on the state you live in, there can be numerous ways to go about this. Look up the state board in your state (website) and look at the requirements. You may need to take an x-ray class and a few others. Some states allow you to be trained by the dentist. Or others require you to attend a course, pass and take a licensing test. You can also do it online through places like PennFoster. The only downside is that it may not be accepted by your state. However, look into the state requirements and even call them if you have questions. To be a dental assistant you must be able to communicate with people, be an outgoing person, know how to multi-task, can work well with others, learn/have great hand eye coordination and skills, like the mouth and not get grossed out easily since you will see some bad things. Usually it can take 6months to 1 yr to finish a course. Biology and chemistry courses help in high school and math is always good to take. (You don’t need calculus or anything like that though)