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Question by Erica S: Urgent dental question!?
Hi everyone. I was just wondering if dentist’s allow anyone to become receptionists. I do not have any training in the dental field and really want to become a receptionist. Any ideas?

Best answer:

Answer by valerie h
You have to have training, experience in the field, and a college degree or education of a receptionist. They have a college especially for medical receptionist and in order to become one you must have a degree in it. Cause you know you are dealing with peoples dental records that are held in the office and that it a big deal, you got to organize them, learn when you can schedule an appointment for a certain procedure and what doctors schedules are so you know the degree in/specialist doctor that is in for her/his specific apptmt./procedure.
There is a lot more to it than answering the phone. Its proffessional work not just a pick up job.
Sorry but if you want to be this you must have a degree in the specialty/field.

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  • moonbaby279 says:

    I believe there are vocational courses for it…where you can get certified for it in about 12 weeks for not a lot of money. That’s how it is where I live anyway. check your local community college. It should be right under $ 1000

  • Paris says:

    I don’t think you need any kind of degrees for this. You just need to find a dentist that is willing to train you.If you can provide an excellent customer service and are the right candidate for the job,I think you could ask around and go to offices to see if they are willing to train you. I have three receptionists in my office. one has 37 years of experience, the second one has around 12 years and the third one has around 6 years of experience( which from, 5 of these years she had been with our office) none of them have any special schooling for it. I never ask of special education when I am hiring them( I am in California, other states might be different) . But experience is a big plus for me.I think if you can just get in,then you can continue and get trained for it.