Teacher or dental hygienist?

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Question by Megan: Teacher or dental hygienist?
I’m currently a senior in high school and I’m stuck between either going to college to be a first grade teacher or dental hygienist. I have to move 3 hours away to be a dental hygienist because its the closest school that has the program. So time is ticking down if i choose to do so for finding a job and apartment. But I love kids and I’m creative so I’d love teaching. Could someone please give me some information about each one! It’d be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by JP
i have a roommate who is in dental hygiene. she says it’s tough, lots of memorizing, studying. she’s always studying everyday. but she gets to learn how to take x-rays, and actually practice on fellow students, and next year she gets to do it on real patients! she learns about human anatomy, nerves, teeth and jaw muscles. sounds interesting but it’s HAAARD!
i dont know much about teaching, sorry

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  • Kassidy says:

    Ask yourself- do you want to poke around peoples’ mouths all day long, or be a teacher, sometimes having to put up with a certain, annoying student. Both jobs have their downs, but definately their UPS. Dental hygienists, I’ve heard, but not sure (Im thinking of an actual DOCTOR type dentist) make good money, whereas teacher make, well, not the best, not the worst, money. But, think, which job would you enjoy more? Teachers- they teach kids that will influence their lives forever, no matter what, THEY WILL remember you as that one teacher who helped them with their lives. When I was younger, I so badly wanted to be a teacher, then this summer I was interested in the FBI, and now being around my favorite teacher, I can’t decide- Health Teacher/ FBI? Kids love great teachers, you sound like you’d be a great one. One of my counselors at school said she wanted to be a dentist, the teeth of random strangers kind of… grossed her out. Then she found teaching and being a counselor was a passion for her, so she became a teacher/counselor. You love kids and are creative, teaching might be a great job for you. Maybe find a way to have alook around a dentist hygenist office, or ask a teacher’s advice about being a teacher. I myself still don’t know what I want, but I have 4 years until I become a senior lol. Being a teacher can open a lot of other things such as- being a counselor, principal, maybe being a teacher for a different grade or subject. Endless possibilities.
    Just ask yourself, which career do I want to follow the rest of my life. Both jobs are great. I myself would want to be a teacher in your position, I can’t take gross mouths, cavities, bleh. Teaching is a great career, but that’s my opinion, what is yours?
    (haha that sounded a bit dramatic ^_^)

  • Bob says:


  • Take care of your teeth says:

    Become a teacher instead. There are very few RDH jobs right now in the USA. And most openings are 1-2 days a week…no full time and no benefits. Become a math or science teacher and you will have no problem finding work because they are always in demand.