whats it like being a dental assistant?

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Question by : whats it like being a dental assistant?
If anyone out there has any advice on what its like to be a dental assistant that would be great. I start my dental assistant classes in less than a week and i just wanted to know how the class experience is and how the job is as well. im pretty nervous about the whole thing.

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Answer by Almost Marathe
Hey, don’t be nervous! You’re going to like this!

I never studied assisting in school – I learned on the job – but I thought it was really fun. You get to do so many things, and learn so much. And on the job there are so many interesting people to meet all day – you’ll NEVER be bored.

There is a real satisfaction in assisting. You’re making a difference in someone’s health, and it’s really a fascinating field – all the different instruments, procedures, materials – it just opens up a whole world to you that you never knew existed. You’ll learn how to take, develop and mount x-rays, you’ll learn about all the different impression materials, you’ll take alginates for study models and pour them up and trim them – it really is a good time, if you like working with your hands.

Sorry I can’t help you with the classroom thing – but you’ll probably catch on a lot quicker with an organized school, than with a dentist showing you the ropes. Plus, you’ll learn many ways of doing the same thing, rather than just one dentist’s personal preferences.

You’re gonna love it! Relax!

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  • jamie says:

    Hi there, I use to be a dental assistant. Its just like any other job but your experience will heavily depend on the dentist you work for or work with. I was fortunate enough to work with a really good dentist. He wasnt fussy, never got mad, was pateint with me and treated me more like a friend than a assistant. But sadly I had to move. So I worked somewhere else and there were some really cruel dentists. Dentists that are extremely fussy and demanding that you cannot get it right. I quit this job because the dentists treated me like shit, could never satify them. A dental assistant doesnt really mean a assistant only. Sometimes you will be doing reception duties, vaccuming and even cleaning the toilet. You will be on your feet all day. Sometimes you will get crazy chaninging your gloves every time and being cautious about hygiene- but thats the way it is. As an assistant, you will mainly do suctioning, sterlizing, mixing, preparing and passing instruments along with other jobs like emptying the rubbish, checking stock. You basically do a bit of everything even though you main title is DA. Many young girls do leave because they treat this job as temporary like waitressing. Overall, they werent happy because of the way they were treated by the dentist and they quickly lost their enjoyment. Anyway, that was my experience only. On the plus side, you gain so much experience and you learn so much. Its neverending. You will be the dentists right hand man. You have to remember, its just like any job. Some people hate it and some people love it. It all comes down to who you work for really. I used to love assisting but now Im scarred from it just because the people I worked with. Apart from that, its a good job.

    Edit: Who thumbsdown? No seriously its ridiculous considering Im talking purely on experience not on facts. You expect all fine and dandy answers?