Where can I volunteer for dental assistant?

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Question by : Where can I volunteer for dental assistant?
I live in Oregon and I am looking for the place that I can volunteer, so I can gain more experience as a dental assistant. I graduated since June 2010, but since I took summer off for vacation. It seems really hard now for me to looking for a job. Most offices reject me that I don’t have experience after I graduated. I am so stress and I don’t know what to do, It has been 7 months now and I am so afraid that if I take longer without job I might not be able to find a job as a dental assistant. I don’t want to work at retail store with the minimum wages for the rest of my life. I went to school coz I wanted to have better life,but seem like no one gives me an opportunity at all. That is why I am thinking to volunteer so I can get my foot in the door. However; I still don’t know where to go for volunteer. I don’t know what to ask at the small private offices. I am just afraid that they might think that something wrong with me or I am weird coz I have all the certificated, why I still don’t get a job yet ???? Any suggestion

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Answer by Mika Gutan
Your best bet is to find a single dentist practice (as opposed to a chain or multiple dentist office that might be less flexible) and go in person and explain honestly your situation, that you are seeking a volunteer oopurtunity for experience and a reference. In this current economy, your situation is not unique and you are bound to find someone that is understanding and helpful. In addition, taking this step will show your sincerety and committment to your career goals and will be resepected by a professional. You should ask to speak to the head dental assistant and/or dentist after explaining your situation to the secratary who is not the person who should be making the decision. Best time of day to go is toward the end of the work day(4ish or so for most dental offices) and be willing to wait if they are running behind(dont go on mondays!) Some other possible opportunites include:



Also, you might want to consider posting a resume on monster or the following link where recruiters can find and contact you-they work for employers and will know the places that will hire new grads-this is how i got my first job as a nurse after experiencing being turned down by many hospitals that were not interested in someone fresh out of school (and i had taken 9 months off to have/be with my baby before job searching). It turned out to be a great job and i got my foot in the door. Good luck!


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